Our Fabrics

Depending on your style we can supply all fabrics suitable


We supply all types of laces from France, Italy, U.S, & from the East. They could be plain or beaded. They can be used for a full dress or bodice only, also for a shear jacket on matching dress.

Many variations of laces such as:

Alencon: Needlepoint lace, with motifs on sheer net, outlined with a heavier silky cording. This lace may be pre-beaded or beaded after it sewn on the dress.

Chantilly: Features delicate floral, branch and ribbon designs in heavy thread on a fine-mesh background. This lace usually has scalloped edges where the edge threads are left uncut.

Guipure: A series of heavy, raised motifs connected by a few threads or on a coarse mesh background. Common guipure patterns may be roses, daisies or geometric designs.

Shiffli: A lightweight lace with an all-over embroidered design on a net background.

Metallic Venice lace/Venice lace: A heavy damask lace with an open background usually in large floral leaf patterns.

Tulle lace: Fully or partly embroidered motifs on soft tulle.

Chiffon lace: Embroidered motifs on soft silk or poly chiffon.

Organza lace: Fully embroidered motifs on silk or poly organza.


We supply all types of fabrics used for wedding or formal. We not only specialize in silk but also synthetic fabric suit your need.

Duchess Satin: Heavy weight, smooth, glossy, lustrous weave with a matte back. They can be silk, polyester or acetate.

Delustred Satin: Made by polyester, less shiny than duchess satin.

Silk satin: Smooth, semi-lustrous, soft weave, beautiful drape. They can be heavy or light weight.

Silk shantung (Dupion): Similar to raw silk, with slubbed texture caused by thick and thin yarns. they have a large range of colors suit your color team.

Silk Dupioni: Weave is similar to dupion but less slubbed texture and slight sheen.

Satin backed shantung: Often made by polyester, one side has slubbeb texture, other side like satin. They can be used either side.

Satin backed crepe: They have a beautiful shine on one side with crepe on the other.

Microfibre Satin: they are heavy and drape fabrics made by microfibre. Comfortable to wear and less shinny compared to satin backed crepe.

Brocade: Rich jacquard weave with raised designs, often in contrasting colors. We supply western styles or oriental styles, they can be silk or silk mixed.

Chiffon: Delicate, sheer and drapey weave with a matte finish. They can be silk or polyester and often used for overlays on satins.

Georgette: Sheer and fine weave with a crepelike texture, they can be silk or synthetic.

Organza: this sheer fabric is similar to chiffon but crisper.

Taffeta: Stiff, crisp weave, smooth and can have a slight sheen or dull finish.

Tulle: Fine-mesh netting with a hexagonal pattern, they are used for veils or skirts, mixes well with other fabrics.